International student

Looking forward to a career in wind power

Vilius Rasickis from Lithuania is currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences. He still has to graduate, but already works for Delta Netwerkgroep in Zeeland province in the south of the Netherlands.

Technical environment

Vilius wanted to pursue a practical-oriented study programme in a technical environment. “I discovered that Industrial Engineering and Management matched my interests. The programme is really flexible with lots of company visits, projects and work placements with different corporations in various industries.”

Predict and improve

During his work placement at Delta, Vilius used statistical analysis methods learnt during courses to improve maintenance scheduling for wind turbines. “I was able to apply the knowledge gained at Avans directly in my work. My task at Delta was to find a way to predict when maintenance can be performed. 

The programme
has a very practical approach,
which I really like

To this end, I explored statistical analysis on power prediction and weather forecasts, since both variables are extremely important for decision-makers and influence maintenance policy.” After his work placement, Vilius continued to work at Delta as a project assistant for management and operations.

International and local companies

The career prospects for Industrial Engineering and Management students are excellent, since a lot of big international and smaller local companies participate in the programme. That is how Vilius found his current position. “The programme has a very practical approach, which I really like.”