International alumni interviews

Marie Ernst



Field of study

Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology


2009 - 2013

What did you study at Avans University of Applied Sciences?

"After studying Cultural and Social Anthropology in Austria I was looking to study abroad to broaden my horizon. I was interested in the field of sustainability and the environment, and was looking for a more practical study programme than I had followed earlier. So, I chose Environmental Science at Avans."


What did you like about studying at Avans?

"I really liked the learning environment at Avans. For the last 1.5 years of my studies I focussed on environmental management, communication and sustainability issues. That was the best part of my studies."


How has studying at Avans benefitted your current career?

"Without my diploma I would never have had this job at Arcadis. I did my final work placement here and after my graduation they gave me the opportunity to stay."

Why did you choose to study at Avans?

"I knew the Netherlands from earlier holidays and found the country very pleasant. That’s why I looked at different universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. When I walked towards Avans from the train station I felt at home right away. The meeting with the lecturer who gave me information about the programme went well, and the choice was made."


What do you do at the moment? 

"For the last 2 years I have been working at Arcadis, a big international consultancy firm. There are lots of opportunities to work on international projects. At the moment I am responsible for the internal policies regarding energy and sustainability. I also work in the strategy and business advisory department on environmental issues, sustainability standards at seaports and communication about sustainability."