International alumni interviews

Nóra Csóka



Field of study

International Business and Management Studies


2008 - 2010

What did you study at Avans University of Applied Sciences?

“I followed an international double degree programme. I studied International Business and Management Studies to complete the last 2 years of my bachelor studies.”


Why did you choose to study at Avans?

“My home university in Budapest had a double degree agreement with Avans. So, it was logical to study for 2 years in Breda. A double degree programme is seen as a “great deal”. You earn 2 degrees in the space of 4 years." 


What is the difference between your university in Hungary and Avans University of Applied Sciences?

“In general, universities in Hungary focus more on the theoretical part of the education. This worked out as a fine blend with the practical case-study approach applied by the Dutch system. I have to admit that recruiters consider this blend of education on my CV to be a valuable asset.”

What did you like about studying at Avans?

“The case-study-based education system taught me how to work on a project as one united team. Such things cannot be learnt from books, only gained by real-life experience. Studying with international people prepares you for the future. It is the most effective way to learn how to work towards a common goal with people from various countries and backgrounds.”   


What do you do at the moment? 

“After I graduated, I got accepted for a master’s degree at a research university in the Netherlands. Specialising in finance opened up endless possibilities for me on the job market. I started my professional career at a real estate firm. I currently work as a structured finance accountant in Amsterdam.”