International students

Studying and training across the world

German International Business and Languages (IBL) students Sina Hilmer and Doris Hohmann travelled the globe as part of their degree. International career opportunities now await these graduates.

Study programme with an international focus

An Erasmus programme in Ireland, a work placement in Paris plus studying in La Rochelle for a year. Sina completed the IBL programme at Avans University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch, but only spent 1.5 years in the Netherlands. She nevertheless felt right at home here. “The project-based education allowed me to have plenty of interaction with the Dutch students and quickly become part of the student community.” Sina opted for Avans University of Applied Sciences because of the international focus of the study programme. “I have gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding, both about cultural differences and languages. This will really benefit me in my future career.”

Looking for a change

Doris completed an Erasmus programme in France. Her work placement with the Chamber of Commerce took her to Singapore. “I already had a position with the Chamber of Commerce in Germany before I enrolled. My work placement dovetailed perfectly with it,” Doris says. She decided to come to the Netherlands to study because its culture appealed to her. “I already had a job in Germany but I was looking for a change. The Netherlands is just that bit different from Germany. Communication between students and teaching staff is informal and relaxed.”



The projects and collaborative strategies that were part of the students’ curriculum in the Netherlands proved valuable during their work placement. “The projects I worked on at Avans really resembled situations I encountered during by work placement,” Doris explains.

After their degree

Doris and Sina have remained eager to explore other countries after their graduation. Doris now works for the Chamber of Commerce in China. Sina continued her studies after earning her degree in International Business and Languages, specialising in supply chain management. And has a job in Barcelona on the horizon.